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    Trader's experince with OctaFX



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    Trader's experince with OctaFX

    Post  francmorio on Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:39 am

    This is not my personally experience, I just took it from FPA, this puts a lot of pain in most traders, its goes like this"""
    I am a news trader and I opened an account with, I made sure I had confirmed with them they accept news traders and they said they do before i opened my account. I made a deposit of $100 and my profit over time trading various news release rose to $1,127. Soon as I made my very first withdrawal request, they canceled all the profitable trades I have ever made on my account which was a total of 22 trades and the reason they gave is "Latency Arbitrage" I emailed them and told them I do not trade in this manner and I was a news trader which I clearly confirmed with them it was acceptable before I opened my account. All they offered was to give me back my initial deposit which was meant to be $100, however all they refunded me was $50 and every other email I sent them was ignored! I called their so called office number and it sounded nothing like an office environment, rather it sounded like some man in his bedroom answering the phone call. My big question is, if they were very sure my trades where Arbitrage trades, why did they not tell me after my first, second, third or fourth trade. Rather they waited till after 22 trades had been made and immediately I make my very first withdrawal request on the account, that is the moment they realise its arbitrage trading.


    Please Stay away from this broker!!"""

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